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because she might come up on delivery rotation i won't be filing any complaints until afterwards. but i have committed to refusing any further tests or treatments from her without a second opinion from someone else in the practice.

she had me running ragged with blood test after blood test after urine test after 24-hour urine collection because my blood pressure was 124/84. normal, for those who don't know, is 120/80 and it can fluctuate more than that on a normal day. you don't qualify as mildly elevated until 140/90.

she took my blood pressure 7 TIMES and pumped me for information about whether i had preexisting hypertension as though i were lying about it. in spite of the fact that my bp has been 120/80 on record with that practice for as long as i've been going there. i won't lie, i'm a heavy gal. but it's like she decided you can't be heavy and healthy so she was doing everything she could to prove that hypothesis and it made her mad that she couldn't prove that i had high blood pressure.

finally she informed me that i'd misunderstood the instructions on my 24-hour peepee collection (something she insisted i do, to prove i had high blood pressure and the looming specter of kidney failure) and i'd screwed up the whole test. then informed me that she has other patients do it all the time and none of THOSE women screwed it up, it was just me.

and that's when i started bawling like a scolded toddler.

i hate that woman.

this is so much more than is necessary in this thread. sorry about that.
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