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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (18 POSTS BACK)
I have been paying attention and the truth is I do NOT cry
on a daily basis, sometimes music or poetry makes my eyes
water a little but that is about it...yesterday a friend died and i didn't cry but when I laid down to go to sleep and i felt tears started rolling down the sides of my face but not really with grief, my husband sort of felt it and tried to cheer me up by telling me that when he was searching the internet for "iron head" which apparently is some sort of Harley Davidson Motorcycle he stumbled onto a story about some Iron Head Monks and then i laughed and said "yea if you have a young son that is rather crazy you could just drop him by there... or threaten such and he replied that when he was a little boy he would have definitely run away to join such a group.... Lukku I sure hope you are laughing and not crying.... Please check in and let us know you are
doing fine...
ox Love, Mo
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