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Each village has developed its own traditions, and some are more “authentic” than others, but this is not a “show.” These are real Embera people who live and work in the villages and are committed to preserving their culture. Usually the chief of the village will give a welcome, translated by your guide, and explain about their history and culture. There will be traditional dances and music and the opportunity to sample traditional food such as delicious, freshly caught fried tilapia fish, fried plantains, and incredibly fresh fruit. You can wander around the village and view each family’s selection of crafts for sale. The men carve a very hard tropical wood called cocobolo, and make beautiful animal carvings from a nut called a “tagua” or sometimes known as vegetable ivory. The women make beautiful baskets from palm fibers with all natural dies. I always hesitate to “oversell” this tour, but I can tell you that again and again on the ZUIDERDAM people would come back, sometimes wet and muddy, and say, “Richard, that was the best shore excursion ever.”
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