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Sympathy for Sharon Stone

I was cruising the internet the other day
looking for I don’t remember what
in relation to something else I don’t recall
when I found Joe Eszterhas’s blog.

He says:“I’m jealous
that Bill Goldman has won
two Oscars and I’ve won none.
But I bet Bill Goldman is jealous
that I’ve bedded Sharon Stone.”

Bedded – as if it’s just a matter of
patience and cunning:
lie in wait until a woman, however famous,
walks by a bed and wham! bam!
instant trophy.

Who’d have ever thought it before, but
poor Sharon Stone.
One night of drunken indiscretion
and she’s in everything that this guy writes,
even his blog.
Quite apart from my suspicion
he’d sell his wife at truckstops
to get an Oscar, that
is why you never sleep with writers –
because they’ll write about it.
Oh, you may not be Sharon Stone,
And the writer may not be, um, whatsisname,
but sooner or later
they’ll write about it.

Except for me.
Sleep with me.
I won’t tell.
I promise.
My strength is as the strength of eight --
My heart is nearly pure.
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