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i have not followed the controversy or researched it enough to have a conclusive opinion yet, but if topcat made his remark as a shot at deev, even in jest, i think that's pathetic. i'm not saying that for effect and i'm not saying that in fun. if it was meant as a shot, it sucked.

i don't think anyone here comprehends deev's gender identity issues-- i know i sure don't. but that doesn't mean that those issues should be bashed or belittled or that deev's emotions about those issues should be put on trial. someone correctly pointed out that if it had been a racial slur, the world would be up in arms. i recall dozens of people rallying to aid nyc and bashing zero during their moment in the limelight. yet when it comes to something that no one understands, it seems that the en vogue thing to do is just make fun of it and say get over it. **** that. for people who claim to be compassionate, liberal minded, and part of "one human family", seems that it's selectively compassionate, periodically liberal minded, and one human family by invitation only.

but that's just me.
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