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willi ninja is a hot sizzlin mess honey!

her teeth are not right. rotten to the core just like her tired weave. her weave is old and looks like a mop. her face is banged up too honey. face tore up honey.
body tore up too. she been stretchin that tired azz so long at least 50 years girl. lookin like miss cellie from color purple girl. whew where momma at? where she at? i aint heard her yellin like a banshee lately??? she still wheelin around in that chair honey? you gonna need one soon too old bioocch.
willi who are those two skinny, anorexic, tired white hoez wit you? they are apart of that dead house of yours? hahahaha they need to eat something. they look cracked out and anorexic. They are crackorexic!hahahahhhahhlolololoololololllllllllll llllllaghahahahahahaah. you shole is ugly!!!ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa
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