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Dear Heathens-with-whom-I-work:

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you were raised in the wild. That way, I won't be offended by your lack of bathroom manners and instead can advise you so that you will behave appropriately.

Please do not:
  • leave pee or pubic hairs on the toilet seat
  • leave waste in the toilet bowl (look after you flush, and if need be, flush again! No one wants to see your poop!)
  • toilet paper on the floor
  • paper towels on the floor
  • feminine hygeine wrappers scattered about
  • leave water all over the countertop

We work for a professional corporation! To land a job here, I know you HAVE to know better! Your bathroom habits are the very reason I seldom eat the food you make for our potluck isn't just that I'm on a perpetual diet. I figure if your house is kept up the same way you keep our bathroom? No thank you!

People, Please!
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