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Bummer Lukku - I'm so sorry that happened to you.
As i told my husband today right after we missed the last flight home out of Newark (train was delayed and we were stupid and had only allotted three hours to get from Manhattan to Newark airport for the last flight to Portland until Wednesday) "everyone should have our problems. We have no real problems." We're in good health. Nobody has stolen anything from us. Kids are fine and being taken care of by neighbors. Now, the guy we happened to check in with at the same time - he was mad. He'd left his car in their lot here and now it was so damaged he couldn't open the door to his car.

So I am delighted to report that we are currently in a Best Western in New Jersey, overlooking a used car lot, and what looks suspiciously like an adjacent dump.
With some imagination, it could even be said that we have an excellent view of the "pond."
And we're on standby for a 5 am flight, which, I'm told, has a huge drop-out rate, so we have a reasonable chance, maybe. Could be worse. It occurs to me that we could possibly be stuck here for days like the guy that we talked to at the shuttle stop is. But there are vending machines and life is pretty good.
Besides, New York was way too fun, and if this hadn't happened, I might not have been quite so happy to go home. Now we'll be appropriately stoked.
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