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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post


Any port in a storm, as they say.

From time to time it turns out surprisingly fabulous.

if it hasn't been done before, or even if it has, some or many ceramicists should make hundreds ...nah...thousands of fancy ceramic hermit crab houses. Can you imagine a beach of living artworks scuttling about oblivious to the esthetic value of their still very practical abodes? It would also be fascinating to study what types of fancy or not so fancy houses hermit crabs tend to prefer, camo?, spiky?, smooth, bright?, dull?, gothic? homey? scary? (picture a tiny bates motel scuttling across a beach in the moon light pursued by a covetous ceramic ducky)

Make (i mean ask) your TheShow viewers to do this!

Send your hermit crab ceramic houses to Ze at...well...u look it up. It's probably listed on his site or on one of the shows.
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