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waaaaaaa :)
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  • This evening / tomorrow morning:
    Put railway-strike equipment (new book - the old one is almost read, batteries for mp3-player, bigpack ciggies, 1-1.5l bottle water, yes and smiling placidity - helped bigtime at the last strike ) into handbag.

  • This week:
    1) Find out where vacation form has gone to, just for the case I finally can take a bit of a summer vacation.
    2) Figure out were to go on Saturdays with my neighbour-chica
    3) Ask our new postdoc if he wanna join us (No, not what you think!! My intentions are innocent!)

  • Some time soon (already like half a year delayed ):
    Write postcard to great-aunt Maria. Well, and she's the one presiding over the Irish family fraction as mother(-in-law) --> would be cool if my invitation to Dublin got renewed... would be a nice trip when all is over in spring!
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