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Originally posted by funkytuba


Lemme remind people that this place is a public zoo with no admission fee. Some of us like it here and have chosen to hop in the cages and be exhibits. Others drop by only to fling poop. Still others are merely observing.

The zookeeper has seen fit to leave the rules very open and see what happens.
Those are very good points, too.

Pretty clear thinking for someone who's almost certain to be watching The History Channel, Donna Reed reruns and Ecuadorian soccer finals at 3:00 a.m.

I'm in total agreement with your points. 'S why if somebody wants to post a rant about why they hate Robert Mapplethorpe's work, post a pic of their naked arse with poop hanging out (hoping nobody takes the suggestion but not the least surprised if someone does), do a 5,000-post thread on the Care Bears, write syrupy poetry about Juan Gonzalez, contend that Nixon was the best President we have ever had, offer to fight anybody who doesn't think the Pistons rule, claim to be a direct descendant of Pontius Pilate or divulge details of their latest Ob-Gyn or prostate exam, it's absolutely none of my goddamn business.

I just have a tendency to lose my temper when I think someone is being mean, and I tend to sound off when that happens, thereby virtually scratching my cyberbutt while hanging from a tire swing just like every other creature in the zoo.

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