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okay you want nerdgasm?

so there's this video that came out in a small release on VHS in 1997. the record company that owned the distribution rights is no longer in existence (wax trax, god rest its soul) so there's very little chance that it will ever be reissued on DVD. the band responsible has been questioned by the fanbase repeatedly and they've made it clear that the entanglement of lawyers stands between us and a DVD issue.

here comes the nerdgasm:

i found a never-played, MIP copy of the VHS on amazon for $8. hooked the VCR up to my DVcam and transferred the material over to DV. pulled it into adobe premiere (which i had only used once before) and taught myself enough of the interface to get the material imported and color corrected (fixed the blacks. the blacks are never good on VHS, after all). i then dragged out my CD collection and fished out all of the albums containing material on the VHS. i ripped the music anew, then had to edit the tracks to match the special video-only versions contained in the original release. in some cases this meant listening to the release and the album side by side, bar by bar, to match the appropriate measures. i then resynced the new music back to the video (because VHS audio is beyond horrible), and exported. i then installed and learned adobe encore, pulled frames from the video to create artistically accurate menu pages, and authored a DVD. finally i scanned the artwork from the VHS box, patched it up in photoshop to fix the signs of wear and tear, screenprinting, and text. i identified the correct font used by the design house and regenerated the text for clean printing, tracked down logos for the associated record labels notated on the liner notes (and in one case, recreated a clean logo from scratch), and did a little photo editing to accommodate the aspect ratio of DVD clamshells, as it differs from that of VHS sleeves. i printed the artwork off, crafted a version to print on the disc, and BINGO! Footwear Repairs by Craftsmen at Competitive Prices on DVD! tomorrow i shall be shipping a handful out to others who want to share in my nerdgasm.

so nerdy, the spouse threatened divorce.
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