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The Moderator Mac Attack Thread

Doesn't it feel really wierd when a person suddenly discovers that all the people who have been baiting him for a forum fight turns out to be none other than the sub Administrators and Moderators themselves ?

No suprise to me really
.....but the so called infractions these moderators are punishing me for are miniscule compared to the underhanded manner that they have used to insult me and others here by proxy , and they continue to poke and prod at someone just because they have a different opinion than theirs.

Sound familiar ?

Sure they read me the rules , and are rudely dismissing me , but I wonder if they really think that they are above those rules themselves .....this makes for an extremely bad example on their part .

Just for beginners , someone thinks it's amusing to play with another users account , how about I throw a birthday party just to celibrate that fact then?(chuckle)

They are impatiently awaiting for the moment , hoping that I say something to bring me down to their level , a moment that will never come of course !

I dunno ....but at least now I know who wants another serving of some delicious cake!

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