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public transportation

-i always take the left seat in the back of the next to last metro in the morning when i go to work because i know that that is where the least people go.
-i systematically take out earplugs when an accordion player comes into the metro car
-i make and read flashcards in the metro


-i still have and use the little plastic paper they sell with your powerbook to protect the screen from getting keyboard markings
-i dislike it when my colleague swigs from his water bottle
-i reorganize my desk each time i finish a job
-i joke about people borrowing my stapler but whenever possible try to get it back into my drawer


- i never open the window at night in a room that has the light on. If a window is open, it has to be somehow curtained off by another security door.
- i chop my tomatoes in half and then into little squares.

there are many more, i'm afraid
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