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I was just about to toast this bread, auntie!

Originally Posted by auntie aubrey
confess your obsessive compulsions.
Hmm...lemme think.

-I hate it when people read over my shoulder, but have no reaction if they're sitting next to me. Same thing with watching movies. You have no idea how many times I've had to reposition some member of my family next to the laptop.
-auntie and T.I.P. - I'm the complete opposite when it comes to glasses. They HAVE to be touching each other, or else the little clinky sound happens when you take one out. And that would be horrible.
-When I see people bending the covers of books backwards while they read, I instinctively cringe.
-Once pizza has been refrigerated, I never reheat it. I always convince myself that it'll "take too much time", but in reality I have this hatred of all things microwaved. I dunno why...
-Whenever I leave the house for longer than 1/2 an hour, I always bring at least one book with me.
-Whenever I run or lift weights, I always have to end the session with the total minutes being a multiple of five or with the number of repetitions being a multiple of ten.
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