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from IMDB:::::: "The Paper"

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story
A behind the lines look at work, marriage and other forms of combat...
Henry Hackett is the editor of a New York City tabloid. He is a workaholic who loves his job, but the long hours and low pay are leading to discontent...

same source:::::: "The Paper Chase"
A TV Series about a bunch of Law students, their everyday lives and their effort to make it through Law School. Hart, Ford, Bell and the rest of them have to face Kingsfield, the most feared of professors but they are determined to study hard and eventually get their diploma...
The show lasted only one season on CBS, from 1978 to 1979, and was cancelled because of low ratings. The cable channel Showtime revived the series in 1983, where it ran for three years without commercials and was a great success. John Houseman passed away a year after the series went off the air. However, it was never issued on VHS and, as of 2006, has yet to appear on DVD.
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