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y'know, i'm pretty much okay with folks making up their minds about what the truth is. when folks get to the 4000 post threshold they'll see what went on. i haven't ever deleted anything from there. but you know? a few daft hippies have actually had their deleting sprees... so the record may seem a little spotty in a few places. but, when folks hit the threshold and go back and read what went on... they can always ask the other monkeys in there.

i think i'll be fine with folks making up their minds when they have all the facts.

yep. i was a rude to a few. that's how i respond to rudness. but i was never rude to anyone without a good reason and i was never rude to you before you targeted me. if you can prove me wrong... i'll be happy to admit it.


wrap your head around that.
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