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Your most recent entry reminds me of a joke that
i heard for the first time

A New York tailor, devout Jew all his days, tries very hard to bring
up his children in the faith. One day, his youngest son comes to
him and announces that he is becoming a Roman Catholic. The tailor
ponders his misfortunes, trying to understand why such a thing
should happen to him. In desolation, he seeks out his rabbi and
confides in him.

"Rabbi," laments the tailor, "I do not understand. I have a son, a
good Jewish boy, brought up in the faith. We observed, we attended,
we did everything for the boy, and yet he decides to become a
Christian. How can this thing be?"

"My friend," says the rabbi, "you WOULDN'T believe, but I must tell
you. I, too, have a son, a good Jewish boy, brought up here in the
synagogue, in the faith. Yet, he also became a Catholic. Who is to
know? The Almighty has his reasons. All we can do is pray to Him
for answers."

With that, the two of them set forth in devout prayer.

Suddenly, the lights dim, the walls shake, and God's voice fills the
room. "Let me tell you two, you WOULDN'T believe, but I too
had a son....
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