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Question A Brief List of Random Questions for Discussion

1.) How might one use a frankfurter as a weapon?

2.) Is it true that warts are caused by deranged pixies, or is this in fact the case?

3.) If you were President of the United States, how would that affect your bed time?

4.) Does a giraffe have more or less spots? That is, does he have more spots or less spots?

5.) Why? That is, why does a giraffe have more spots or less spots? That is, how come?

6.) How soon can you eat a banana? While standing? While sleeping?

7.) When the moon comes over the mountain, if no one is waiting at the k- k- k- kitchen door, does it make a sound?

8.) Why do birds suddenly appear?

9.) What makes people go, "Ow ow ow ow ow!" when you lift them by their hair?

10.) What if you were Brad Pitt, and you were stranded on an island with Keira Knightley?

11.) Should I give you a minute or two before asking the next question?

12.) Two, then?

13.) OK. What if the island was Manhattan?

14.) And she was Rosie O'Donnell?

15.) And Don King was selling tickets?

16.) And you were Don King?

17.) Why don't we change the subject?

18.) How do you get down off an L.L. Bean salesman?

19.) How do you get up off a duck?

20.) If you were composing a brief list of random questions for discussion, and you were as loopy as a prawn on a piewagon, how would you come up with exactly twenty of them?

21.) Is that so?
...or words to that effect.

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