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in which rules are set for everything
Parts 1 through 10

Rule Zero: Regadring Typos

0a. Mis-spelings do nto coutn againts yuo.

Rule #1: Regarding the Use of All-Caps.

1a. All-Caps shall be used to signify additional emphasis given to a word. The meaning of said word will remain the same, as will the volume at which the word is spoken if the sentence containing this word is spoken, as one might to a child who, not yet having the ability to read, requested that it be read to them at an hour appropriate to such things.

1b. The emphasis conferred by All Caps will be measured in the following way:

- using that type of scary voice (but not actually singing) like dave grohl of the foo fighters at one of the intense bits in one of bigger hit songs e.g. "the monkey wrench"

- dividing Maximal Emphasis Possible By Any Sentence (MEPBAS) by the number of words in All-Caps, and giving to each its even share.

1bi. On the Paradox of a Sentence Written Entirely in All Caps:

- a Sentence Written Entirely in All Caps (SWEAC), since it divides the MEPBAS by the Maximum All Capped Words (MACaW) creates a ratio of 1:1. This erases any emphasis that each individual All Capped word might have carried, dropping the emphasis level of the entire sentence effectively to nil. Plus Dave Grohl gets laryngitis.

1bii. On the Proper Response to a Sentence Written Entirely in All Caps:
One should whisper in size 1 Italics.

Rule #2: On collation

2a. Always collate for the convenience of later posters.

2ai Posters breaking Rule #2 shall be subject to the following consequences:
- Offending posts will be winged, but not ducked.
- The poster will receive a single infraction which will count towards their total DMRS score (DMRS score not valid in Hawaii, Wisconsin, or Lower Elbonia. Actual value less than one cent).
- The poster will receive "The Look" from their own mother.

2b. On the preferred method of collating:
People should be collated by height, weight, gender, and foot size, in that order, and never by handedness or the Graeber Index of Sexual Attractiveness in 7th Grade.

Rule #3: On How "Real" One Should Sound When Posting, and Cases in Which One Should Edit an Existing Post to Comply With Rule#3.

from the French réel, from Latin realis, from res thing.

3a. When meaning to "be real", sounding real is both prudent and necessary.

3ai. "sounding real" does not refer to the actual transmission of soundwaves. speaking aloud while posting is not necessary in any case, and should be regarded as voluntary.

3b. "Get Real!" Derivative exclamation. The order of getting that which is real.

3c. "O rly?" - This phrase shall be used as an expression of doubt or uncertainty that the previous poster knows what the fvck said poster is talking about.

Rule # 4: On Lost Formatting

4a. If you find someone else's formatting, put it back where it belongs.

4b. If you lose your formatting, you shall be infarcted.

4bi. Formatting infarctions shall be inflicted exclusively in French: À la recherche du formatage perdu

4bii. The Easy Way Not To Lose Your Formatting shall be to Quote The Rules In Their Entirety from the previous poster, and remove the unneccesary quote formatting. This shall be the only formatting you may lose without being infarcted.

4c. No mention of being an underwear folder shall be made to any board member who chooses to reformat the formatting scheme according to a more efficient scheme (See Annex A: Efficient formatting algorithms for massive multi-user online applications)

4d. Images Formatting

4di. To line up images horizontally, rather than vertically, do the following:
4dia. open bracket type the letters el e ef and t close bracket.

4dii. Follow normal image procedure:
4diia. click image icon(<---example), pasting said image link in pop-up window.
4diib. Hit ok.


4diiai. type the following:
4diiaia. open bracket eye em gee close bracket C&P image link.
4diiaib. open bracket forward SLASH! (/ <---example) eye em gee close bracket.

4diii. When group of said images have reach this world’s end or to move on to other procedures close said horizontal line with (If not already there),
4diiia. open bracket forward SLASH! (see example above) type the letters el e ef and t close bracket.

4div. Your line of code should look like this, without any """"

4dv. Hit Preview to make sure all is well.

4dvi. Once satisfied click, Submit.

4dvii. Follow all formatting rules as specified in Rule # 4: On Lost Formatting.
4dviia. You are done. note: during this procedure do not speak French.

4dviii. To begin a new line of images wash, rinse, repeat.

4dix. If you have trouble, ask helpful members to do this procedure for you or show you how.

4dx. If you are still uncertain or just very shy, post said image into its own reply with a message that you desire some assistance. Eventually, someone will move said image to the proper section of, in which rules are set for everything. (see rule 17)

4e. On Format Clashing.

4ei. C&P all current work on to computer word processing document before hitting Submit.

4eii. Click Save or Save As.

4eiii. If you find that some one other than yourself has updated, test before you hit Submit. The following rules apply:

4f. On running out of room.

4fi. Hold your breath.

Rule #5: Of Things That are Stupid, and Rules That Really Aren't Rules As Much As They Are Observations.

5a: Below is a list of things that are stupid. if you think they are funny your are stupid:

- some stupid pic you filched from "rottendotcom"
- The word "Cheezeburger", and any and all derivatives of said word.
- Coming here to pimp your FREE anything.

Rule #6: On Incurring Infarctions and on Incurring Infractions

6a: "if you incur the infraction of a fellow board member you forfeit the right to use the words "random" and "crazy" and your smilies are automatically disabled

6b: "every time you infraction someone who's jib you don't like the cut of, you get to choose a small pet from creature corner"

Rule #7: On Instances of Double-Posting:

7a: Double Posting (alternately referred to as "Pulling a Deuce") shall be regarded as a dangerous rift in the space-time continuum and shall be ignored until the original poster edits the second instance to remove the repeat.

Rule #8: On What To Do if You Have Nothing Nice to Say

8a. brightpearl offers you a cookie and assures you that you can do better

8b. Say something Neutral, or Not Nice.

8c. Attempt to Write a Rule.

8d. Penalties for failure to abide by the above are as follows:

8di: In the Case That The Indiscretion Occurs With a Non-Living Thing w/ Advocate:
- If Advocate is popular; see 8b
- If Advocate is considered a troll by most of board (for "most" see Rule 15:On Consensus); Bash (see Rule 18:On Acceptable Forms of Negativity) away.

8di2: In the event the Non-Living Thing has no Advocate; Bash away.

Rule #9 - On Adding Rules

9a - You must add rules to the rules only half not kiddingly

Rule #10 - On Penalties and Miscellaneous Images

10a - Be stingy with penalties

10b - Creature Corner

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