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Wink confess!

ok, here's the chance to unburden yourself of some guilt or to brag
what crimes have you ever committed?

i'll start - i used to walk by a post office on my way from school.
one of those ones that's also a stationery shop etc. anyway,
they started selling records for some reason, they'd have all the
week's top 50 singles in a cabinet and it was very easy to slip a
couple off the shelves and into my schoolbag once in a while. so
i did. got some great stuff which i still own today. clash, buzzcocks,
jam, undertones etc etc. i later moved on to albums can't remember
which but at least one tasty who compilation.
they never caught me although how no one noticed i can't imagine.

oh yeah and a couple of others....

the tea leaf family
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