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Originally Posted by trisherina
Obligation to do my duty allows me to teach this class, mostly.

I would like you to tell me just how faith gets you past these sticking points, as you put it. Do you just stop sticking? Or are you more able to rationalize these things because you believe you are ultimately beneath God, and so, whatever he says goes, pretty much?

Why would someone who understands the whole Bible be God? What is there about the words in this particular gathering of documents that renders it so difficult? The Bible is said to contain what God wants us to know about him. If that is the case, his Public Affairs staff SUCKS.

I'm going to plant plants and talk about drought and contests and the different reasons people pray. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
In technical terms I would say that God is more analog than digital. In the true analog world we can only approximate what is true. Science has allowed us to reliably predict our world around us, but yet there are still many questions that go unanswered. Language has allowed us to communicate with each other, and for the most part we understand what the other person is trying to say, but how many times have our words been misunderstood? I think the same thing is true of God. He is speaking to us, but we fail to fully understand what is being said or the context in which it is being placed. You could tell someone that ice cream taste great, but unless they have tasted it they don't even have a reference point to agree with you. That's not even to mention all the flavors that are available, or who the maker is. So when I say that I don't believe there is a person who completely understands the whole bible it is because they did not write the bible. Here's another example; "love others as you would have them love you". It seems like a very simple statement, and there should be no confusion about what the meaning is, but can we even clearly define what love is? There can be wide agreement with the the bible, but it is still within a Grey zone. God knows that we are not perfect, not even with text on a page, so he only desires us to seek the truth, and if we stumble 1,000 times we still have a chance to get back up and continue seeking the truth. I have faith because I continue to seek the truth even though I may and have messed it up. Hopefully this answers each of the questions you have posed; I'm not the best writer. How did your class go?
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