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A couple of months ago the bf and I were walking on the beach when we noticed a ladybug struggling in the sand. I tried to turn him over, but he wasn't able to handle the sand too well, so the bf picked him up and held him, not really thinking about what to do with him next.

We walked along a bit more, and noticed another two little guys struggling in the sand. We picked them up, too - they migrated to the bf's lovely t-shirt and jacket.

We kept finding ladybugs - there were so many that we started using my sandal to harbor them. Once they were on there, they just hung out...

There were three times this many by the time we left the beach. The bf took them across the street and found a garden or green area to let them off in - they really didn't want to leave the safety of my sandal after their ordeal! He had to kind of knock 'em off gently.

We think maybe they were let loose in a nursery nearby, got caught up an a strong draft (it was windy that day) and were carried to the beach. Many of them died in the sand; we stopped before we saved all of them, I'm sure. We talked about how they probably wouldn't live very long, anyway; about how, if they weren't ladybugs, we wouldn't have felt so compelled to save them. And really, in the end - you know, such a small silly thing to do...

And yet, it made us feel really good. We have a lovely memory and some nice pictures... and maybe those ladybugs were able to protect a rose in someone's back yard. Ya never know.
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