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audreyvgs: Well yippee skipee its another whole day.
audreyvgs: I have paper avoidance 2
audreyvgs: kitchen wipe 3
audreyvgs: wheretthe****doiputthosepots 9
audreyvgs: whobrokethisashtray 5
audreyvgs: whatthehelldidyouspillonhere 2
audreyvgs: how could i have forgotten that at the store 4
audreyvgs: where aremy keys 12
audreyvgs: and last but not least
audreyvgs: how can chickens shit this much 4
audreyvgs: oh and i forgot
audreyvgs: waiting for the schoolbus in 95 degree sun 6
audreyvgs: sometimes replaced by
audreyvgs: waitingforthe schoolbus with lightning and a metal umbrella 3
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Funky_Tuba: ha!
Funky_Tuba: yer funny
audreyvgs: awww
Funky_Tuba: i'm going to post that
...and another handful of almonds
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