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actually, for me, morning time is time with 'lack of thought'... as in, complete utter lack of thought. I'll be brushing my teeth with anti-bacterial soap and usually not notice until I get home and smell my toothbrush (and my breath- ick!).
A more better question (yes, i graduated, really, don't mind the bad english, its what they teached me) is random night thoughts... like when it gets around maybe 4 am, and you've been sitting watching random people rant about something completely worthless on late night television for about 2 hours... their unkempt beard crawling with who knows what bouncing up and down... up and down... up and down...
up and down...
and ....
yea, so anyway- i almost made a site called, and every late night sit down and write whatever goes through my head, and according to witnesses, is very intersting and odd. Personally, I don't remember any of it.
But to answer your question:
a man said to the Universe: 'Sir, i exist!' 'However,' replied the Universe, ' the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.'
-stephen crane
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