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"When the heart is open, the sense of separateness diminishes considerably.
This is not an intellectual concept, but an experience of knowint others to be not only a part of you, but one with you.
To look into the eyes of another and recognize yourself is to be filled with effortless compassion, forgiveness and true love.
A state of constant acceptance, the open heart feels like being a mother to every being in existence--you want existence to be happy.
Love flows through your being like a powerful electric current; you want the best for every being and you see the best in every being. I must emphasize again that an open heart is not an idea, a way of thinking or a projection of the way things should be. It can't be forced. In fact, you don't have to do anything. By relaxing, calming the mind, and opening up, the love does it. The love works through you.
~Steve Ross
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