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Talking as musch as possible....

avoid lables
(otherwise i agree with you (sort of)


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4.0 out of 5 stars The best laid plans..., 21 Sep 2010
By Son of Nietzsche "Abolish the A.o.C." (UK) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Plan B [DVD] (DVD)
The plot of PLAN B (Argentina, English subtitles) is straightforward. Bruno (in his early-30s) splits up with his girlfriend Laura. When she starts seeing a handsome photographer, Pablo, Bruno is jealous. Laura insists that she will never get back together with Bruno - so he formulates the somewhat implausible 'Plan B' of the title: he'll break up the new couple by seducing Pablo. Consequently, Bruno gets chatting to Pablo on a pretext, and soon they are spending a lot of time together. The intimacy between them slowly grows - until it seems as though 'Plan B' might backfire...

Suspension of disbelief is obviously required for the concept of PLAN B, and the ending is more or less predictable. The crux of this film then (like that of another recent Argentinian output, Twisted Romance), is the vitality of the dynamic between Bruno and Pablo - the growing bond, the tension as they become aware of one another's bodies, the manoeuvres of sharing a bed during 'sleepovers', the pained and searching confusion. The slow blossoming of this uncertain intimacy is captured exquisitely, aided in no small part by the incredibly natural chemistry between the two lead actors, and by a painstaking cinematography which alternately includes and excludes the audience from the varying Bruno-Pablo temperature.

Shot in only ten days, PLAN B is a paean to independent film-making. The rhythm of the film is superbly executed and will slowly hook the most diverse of audiences. Ignore the truly hideous football shirts for which the characters have an inexplicable predilection (and the scary amount of facial hair); PLAN B is all about intimacy, and its success in achieving this is more than sufficient to recommend it.

(Extensive DVD special features include: deleted scenes, interviews, a 'making-of' feature, and the short film 'A Last Wish' by director Marco Berger.) Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
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the problem with this new modern idea
someone that age is WAY TO YOUNG
to have one
2. image being 65 and having one.... YUCK!
From stone tablets to html code, it's not lost on me.
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