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3. Dreikäsehoch

literally: three-cheese-high, meaning (often jocular used): "small boy";
and as I just found out the height is not measured by loafs of cheese
but by boxes as the expression derives from the French word "caisse"
for box.... but as any definite height, neither of cheese and box, is given
one usually uses the word for boys ranging from 3 to 8 years circa....

5. bauchpinseln

to belly-brush = to flatter

6. Augenstern

a wonderful term of endearment (which can be used for males and females alike as far I know) eye-star; or something like: star to my eyes ('star' thereby has not the notion of 'Hollywood star' or the like!!)

4. Labsal

the dictionary gives as translation 'refreshment', and for the according verb 'laben' = 'to refresh'; but 'laben' means more: refreshment not only physical but in a and/or sense also for mind and soul and carrying a strong healing/regenerating/relaxing quality; and 'Labsal' is something that offers that to you that;
I also just found out that this word can have a second (or maybe that was the original meaning??) which derives from the Dutch seafarers' term "lapsalven" which describes the action of applying some protective/conserving coat on the rope with a piece of cloth.

1. Kleinod

(the commission who made the top 10 did well! ) it means approximately "small treasure" and originally was the word for small heraldic decoration elements knights had on their helmets and also for special, small gifts guests brought with them; later on it became the term for small, delicately laboured pieces of jewellery and now it has mostly the meaning of something (which might be small or even worthless to others) which is very precious/dear/wonderful/... (to oneself)
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