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{for those non-cooks & those on a diet among us}
fake-out ice cream:
bananas & assorted berries
non-fat plain yogurt
"natural" [no sugar added] jam
any kind of healthy crunchy cold cereal

cut up the fruit & place it in a container that's freezer-friendly & has a tight-fitting lid
freeze [several hours, days, weeks]
remove from freezer, take off lid [ok to apply some running water to help loosen the lid -- do not take off the lid while the container is under the water]
place several [3-4] large heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt on top of frozen fruit
place one [or two] large teaspoon{s} of jam on top of yogurt
mix jam & yogurt [i like it marble-y but it can also be mixed together thoroughly]
if desired throw a handful of crunchy healthy cold cereal on top after mix the jam & yogurt together

freeze just bananas
put nothing but chocolate syrup on the frozen fruit
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