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Finally I realized what this meant! I had been longing for crispy roast duck for weeks, and here was one, already plucked! I was so thrilled. I grabbed the duck and ran down the spiral staircase. my parents had already gone to work at the airport, and i was all alone.

The turtle followed me, barking like a dog and laying an egg on every step he descended. I couldn't believe my luck! Fried eggs as well! I gripped the duck tighter and licked my lips. This would be a breakfast to remeber!

Quickly I tossed the duck into a pot of boiling water. The pot exploded in a cloud of blue flames and knocked me back 5 feet. My head hit the counter and I slipped into darkness...
"Genesis: First, I'd like to say reality is invisible to the naked eye. You and me both know that life is a real bitch. Doing your best, you say? That's not good enough."
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