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I have, mysteriously but with dead certainty, become aware that my life is being observed by a group of young people from another... planet, plane... place. I can sense them watching my everyday goings-on with excitement and anticipation, sort of like a favorite TV show that has you running home from school so you don't miss a minute of it, and I'm pretty sure they are sizing me up for induction into their... club, troop... organization. I hope I can measure up to their expectations, and I try to appear courageous and clever in every situation, no matter how trivial. I am hoping they contact me soon, especially because I have been sensing an extra measure of interest from one of the girls... the brunette with the electric blue eyes and dimpled smile who resembles that girl, Donna Warner, who sits diagonally across from me in Civics class. I think she likes me, a lot. This other girl, I mean. Donna told Mr. Ocenasek that I was staring at her, and I got laughed at by pretty much everybody. I hope the Club wasn't watching me at that particular moment. Maybe there was a commercial on, or perhaps they were having lunch...
...or words to that effect.
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