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Speaking of Ramadan, funny story:

I used to work at the help desk at my university, and I would usually work two nights a week with a Muslim. We'd work part of the afternoon together, and then I'd cover the office for 20 minutes or so at sundown, while he went to break his fast, and go to the cafeteria for supper. I'm not Muslim, but I wouldn't eat during the shift until he left, because I felt awkward eating in front of a guy who hadn't eaten since morning, and was probably starving.

One day, he switched his shift with another guy, also of middle-eastern descent. I didn't work with him quite as often, so I didn't know him quite as well.

Since I was busy that day, I skipped lunch, so I was pretty starved myself. So I had my lunch in the office, before realizing that this poor fella in the office with me was probably pretty hungry, and I'd just scarfed down a sandwich right in front of him. I felt pretty bad.

While I was sitting there feeling guilty, prayer time came and went, but my companion didn't leave the office. I started to wonder, why wasn't he leaving to break his fast like the other guy usually does. Then I reallized; Oh, right! He's Hindu! Thank God!
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