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same here! and i really admire those muslims working in gastronomy who do fast.
but then, not all nominal muslims do fast: the algerian colleague at my old workplace at uni doesn't for example. ok, he seems to have had a loss of faith 8 years ago, but he told me even more or less devout folks at home in algeria, particularly the young ones, are not that strict about that, so they only skip alcohol (! actually haram all year long.... my boyfriend says algerians are hobby-muslims altogether ), and the strict ones skip all, but only during daylight (my boyfriend told me that that's not really the correct way, sex and smoking - normal tobacco as well as weed - are haram altogether during ramadan). only when folks grow old and scared of death they become religious, do the pilgrimage to mecca, grow a beard, pray five times a day, fast etc. he also told me that for him ramadan if at all has only a meaning as a family thing (traditionally and if possible, the whole family meets for prayer and fast breaking every sundown in ramadan).
what i see here in germany the young turkish and arab kids do take ramadan serious - okay in parts it's also a sort of competition for them: i ramadan you under the table! in berlin and some other places the end of ramadan is even a school-free day for muslim kids, at my old school also the few non-muslims kids have a day off and the teachers clean labs, coffee kitchens and that.
my boyfriend says actually fasting is not hard (yeah, but once when we walked across the saturday market at my neighbourhood with all nice smelling and looking food stands... and also football training thrice a week with an empty belly is very strenuous for him) and it's a good feeling to do it.
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