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so there i went to me old school (the headmaster has no money at all, she even cannot pay me the extra hours i did work - money from which i could have lived a whole month!!)
anyway, when i just wanted to go home i met one of my former extra hour students and she sent me straight away to a private turkish education institute close-by who offer private lessons, but also run their own schools in berlin.
and la voila i'm hired for a paid 3-week trial, giving extra lessons in maths and english to kids in the final classes (their boss who is just now in turkey holding exams - the turkish teachers there are teachers from the turkish ministry you see - happened to call while i was there and okay'ed the whole thing)
it's not a job to really live from, but it'll bring me across things for a while.
and it's super-sweet there, everything's brand new, they have such tiny classrooms, and a teachers' room where i'll get my own shelf and a teachers' kitchen where the teacher breakfast together and drink tea (when ramadan is over, of course ) - just cool and nice
ya well, and maybe they have a thingie for me, i mean a real position, in their private gymnasium (high school), who knows
and the whole thing is even sort of funny with respect to the current craze about this [insert several nasty words in here] sarrazin person (read here for example - the scariest thing about it is indeed that so many ppl agree with this person...), i go to work there where according to the "immigration is totally failed" opinion a blonde so totally german woman cannot go (today in the subway i got a compliment about my stunning figure *g*, you see - but the guy left me alone when i said nay, thanks i belong someone and reminded him of ramadan and of his age - actually the latter did the main trick!) and i'm paid by people who according to the "immigration is totally failed" opinion live off welfare... (but can pay 200 Euro and more for private lessons, hmmm?!) i say: ha! and haha and [insert several nasty words in here] and once more: HA!
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