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having eleventyteen pairs of identical black socks doesnie work either and here's why it's because in fact they arnie all as identical as they're supposed to be and in fact some of them turn out to be cankle-inducing wee bastards whereas others are perfect and comfy with just the right snug ness neither horribly strangulating nor sloppily loose with the all the consequential aggressive bunching that entails, and trying to sort them out from the laundry OUT basket in poor light at this time of year is impossible and you can never get that favourite comfy pair to match up with its partner (which is prolly went to a parallel universe via the mysterious black hole at the back of the washing machine anyway) so you end up of a morning putting one strangulator on one foot and one aggressive buncher on the other foot which feels horrible although admittedly it's only for the first few seconds after you've put them on or until you go about your business and begin concentrating on other matters for the day, but still.
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