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Originally Posted by lapietra
I think a better solution would be for him to have to meet all the families and friends of the people whose deaths and injuries he was responsible for, and to get some therapy. Putting someone like him to death isn't what the death penalty is for - it's supposed to be for people who are resolutely non-contrite and non-reformable - people who somehow have become monsters, who will never be able to contribute in a positive way to society. What he did was horrible, unbelievable selfish, infinitely regrettable, but there's a possibility that he could be rehabilitated.
People do really stupid things when their brains are drug-addled... I just heard a story about the guy who kidnapped Frank Sinatra's son. He needed the money; he convinced himself it was okay to do the kidnapping because he planned to invest the money and pay Sinatra back. The guy, who served his time and is now a successful millionaire, acknowledges that his judgement was significantly influenced by the drugs he was doing...
Put the guy in jail - let him clean up - give him something useful to do.
That guy only kidnapped Frank Sinatra's son (haven't heard the story but it sounds like he let the son live). This guy killed 11 people. There is a huge difference in these comparisons. He intentionaly left his car on the train tracks. He could have moved it but nope. This guy deserves death.
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