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I wasn't comparing what this guy did to what the guy who kidnapped Sinatra's son did... I was just using it as an example of what sort of misjudgement can occur when one is doing drugs regularly.

I wouldn't be too quick to judge this guy. It sounds like he *tried* to move the car, but was unsuccessful. The fact that he was going to commit suicide in this way would have resulted in people's deaths as well as his own... so either way he's at fault and deserves to be punished in some way. But I still think the death penalty should be reserved for people who go about planning other's deaths in a conscious way, especially with intent to benefit by it in some way. This guy sounds like his judgement is really ****ed up; that it probably didn't occur to him that he was going to be endangering others. He possibly thought the train was strong enough to just hit him and keep going without derailing. It doesn't sound like he planned anything. It'll probably come out in a trial.
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