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I looked it up in ma penal code book for Cali

section 219 Wrecking Train or Firing Bridge: Penalty

Every person who unlawfully throws out a switch, removes a rail, or places any obstruction on any rail-road with the intention of derailing any passenger, freight or other train, car or engine and thus derails the same, or who unlawfully places any dynamite or other explosive material or any other obstruction upon or near the track of any railroad with the intention of blowing up or derailing any such train, car or engine and thus blows up or derails the same, or who unlawfully sets fire to any railroad bridge or trestle over which any such train, car or engine must pass with the intention of wrecking such train, car or engine, and thus wrecks the sme, is guilty of a felony and punishable with death or imprisonment in the state prison for life without possibility of parole in cases where any person suffers death as proximate result thereof, or imprisonment in the stat4e prison for life with the possibilityo of parole, in cases where no person suffers death as a proximate result thereof. The penalty shall be determine pursuant to Sections 190.3 and 190.4 (AD '73; AM'76, '77)
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