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Originally Posted by Jack Flanders
So the Fairy Ring did it? That was so easy. Feed the lawn in late September and don't do the weed kill until April. And don't fertilize the shrubs unless they're Azaleas or Rhodos or other acid loving shrubs.
I'm going to leave the darn Fairy Ring (they're actually two arcs) alone, having heard of their legendary recalcitrance. I really don't mind visiting fairies! But but... I read on some site or other that you should kill weeds as late in the year as possible so that the weeds that come up in April will only be the ones that blow in, not from your old ones propagating. So do you mean leave it be now 'til April? And no turf building 'til September... thank you, thank you, that's the best news I've heard all week.

What's the best flowering annual or perennial to plant in a shady, windy border? (Sounds delightful, doesn't it?)

If you ever want to hang out in Zone 3a, you're welcome!
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