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Originally Posted by Zeismyhero
I put down some "black diamond" mulch in my back yard. Underneath that, the kiddies who lived there before had put down this kind of plastic stuff to keep the grass from growing. Now, since putting down the mulch, I have WILD looking crabby grass growing like crazy in the mulch!

Could my mulch have whacky grass seed mixed into it? What should I do - keep weeding or use a spray weed killer.

Thanks, Jack!
Are there other plants in the mulch like shrubs, perennials or trees? If not use Roundup all over to kill off the crabby grass and ungerminated seeds. If there are plants, you can carefully on a windless day apply the Roundup topically to the individual clumps of grass. Yes, there could be grass seed mixed in with the mulch. Was the mulch in bags or did you buy it delivered in bulk? That's a bummer getting bad "grass," man!!!

Next spring apply a pre-emergent herbicide which should help keep weeds down but won't hurt existing plants if you have them.
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