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Originally Posted by ambo
Oh man, this thread is a godsend. I am taking care of my yard myself for the first time, and I have no expertise at all.

Greg just put down weed and feed. The lawn is 70% weeds. They are pretty weeds (not sure what they are - a ground cover of some kind), but he wants them out of there. Was that a mistake?

My friend tells me I need to feed all my plants all the time. Oh my god. Is this true? This is a BIG yard.

I assume I need to stay on top of the weeds pretty much all summer, right? And trim the dead roses and African lilies? Shouldn't all the other trimming wait until fall or winter? I am in northern California, so we don't really get a severe winter.

As you can see, I am sooooo confused. Any help you can offer Jack, of a very basic, no-nothing-at-all variety, would be greatly appreciated.
1. The healthier and thicker the grass, the fewer the weeds. If the weed killer works rake the exposed soil and put some new grass seed down to thicken the turf. Follow the directions for your part of the country.

2. Ok, what kind of plants do you have? That can make a big difference on when or what to fertilize. Do you have a County Extension office? If you have a question about the ID of your plants, they maybe able to give some help. Since we're just writing back and forth, it's hard for me to know what you have. Maybe you should invest some moolah in a few plant books. I don't buy shoes, I buy plant books!!

3a. Try to weed when you have the time. Don't get all stressed out over it - it's supposed to be relaxing ( have a cocktail or two and play some good music!)

3b. Yes, trim the dead flowers. Again, I don't know what your other plants are so I really can't tell you when to trim them or cut them back.

Try to find out what you have and then I can get more specific. That is your assignment, Missy! Get to it!!
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