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So far, in my lifetime....

I came across this on another website and it was really a cool way to appreciate not only where you've been in your life and what you've already done, but where you still have to go. Don't just include the good stuff - both good and bad experiences can make a positive mark on your life.

So Far In My Lifetime.....

1. I've snorkeled on the island of Kauia and almost swam into an eel.

2. I've endured almost 24 hours of labor with no pain killers at all.

3. I've been attacked by a drunk guy at a 5-star hotel.

4. I've held a newborn baby in my arms - my own - and felt more love for another human being than I've ever felt in my life.

5. Been in a city filled with over a million people yet never felt so alone.

6. Went on a breathtaking three-day canoe trip through Southern Canada.

7. Been bit by a snake, twice.

8. Jumped off a super high cliff on a dare.

9. Had my heart broken so badly that I thought I'd never be happy again.

10. Broke someone else's heart and still feel bad about it.

11. Hugged a boa constrictor named David Bowie Constrictor.

12. Went on a roller coaster on the top of a 100-story hotel in Las Vegas.

13. Got straight A's and was the only person in my class to receive the highest award for all subjects in business college.

14. Have come to accept that I might not ever have another child, and am okay with it.

15. Had my tongue pierced.
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