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there issues with animals at petco are insane, any time you have live animals around some are going to die......they might as well go after the animal shelters too while they are at it. Petco is an entire company devoted to the good health of animals, peta activists are straight up whacko!

They are considered extremists by the government....if any of those bastards threw red paint on me for wearing a leather coat, I would beat them to a bloody pulp....
Sorry to get your hate going but animals in general have been used and abused for many years. tho I don't piticly condone petas action I am one for animal rights. The crap people put animals through are unfounded. In ever war there are radicals . some feel this is the only way to get the point across. I've never herd of any dead animals coming out of shelter unless theyw ere brought in that way. watch the shows on animal planet and tell me thats all fake.

do you really think animals farms are normal? puppy mills are normal . How animals are treated isn't right. tho I would never see myself throwing red pant on you or anybody but there are people that feel its nesscery to get the point across.

They are considered extremiests by the government
you trust what the goveremnt always tells you? Its a post 9-11 world anything you say can be called extremiest.

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