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If you were looking for a calm dog who is easy for a novice owner to train, a Pomeranian is not the best place to start. They are known for protective or defensive-type barking in response to all kinds of passing stimuli. So her behaviour sounds like an ordinary Pomeranian. And, typical of Spitz breeds, they can be very stubborn and single-minded. What kinds of things did you do to check for behavioural pliancy and response to dominance when you chose her as a pup? Whatever strategy you choose to direct her behaviour (you described distraction and treats, which are nice and positive), you will need to be very consistent -- do it the same way every time, right down to the tone of your voice -- and expect that training out these more breed-specific behaviours takes A LOT of time -- months to years -- and in fact is sometimes not achievable for every owner. Which (just to be clear) is not the dog's fault.
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