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So Far in my life

1. I've ridden horses bareback on beaches and in woods.

2. I've shocked 20 men by jumping into a back hoe and moving logs expertly.

3. I've gone camping on my own and made peace with my solitary presence.

4. I've scuba dived some magnificent places.

5. I've held the hand and stroked the hair of those whose life was ending that very moment.

6. I've held the tiny body of two babies within seconds of their birth. My tiny babies.

7. I've stood my ground and won against the odds.

8. I've kept us warm with fire for three winters.

9. I've lived with shame and embarrasment and fear.

10. I've had a love that the great poets try to describe.

11. I've suffered heartbreak that I wonder if I will ever live past.

12. I've been on a date where I know I was only an accessory, like a bracelet to show what a man he was.

13. I've put myself through college and then put myself through university as a single mother.

14. I've lived in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature and thrived.

15. I've rock climbed.
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