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So far I've:

1. Jumped off a cliff in Northern California

2. Had music I've composed played and recorded by wonderful musicians

3. Sung the lead in Puccini's "Madam Butterfly", as well as some other great roles, with full orchestra

4. Gotten on a plane with $35 in my pocket and lived where I landed for about a year

5. Taught myself to: fix computers, phones, and stereos; cook and bake; build websites and design print media; edit .wav files; make jewelry and costume items; heal abcesses on cats and raise kittens; give a really great massage

6. Worn a giant penis for a total of 8 nights (plus some rehearsal time) on stage - proudly

7. Was a restaurant reviewer and copy editor for a bilingual Spanish/English magazine targeting gay Latino men

8. Climbed out of a ravine at the end of a four-day hiking trip having eaten nothing but oatmeal, fruit and nuts for the last two days - on the first day of my period (girls, you *know* what I'm talkin' about)

9. Convinced (with absolutely no intention of doing so) four professed gay men that they were maybe, in fact, bi (I don't believe it for a second... eh, I take that back... apparently sexuality is fluid...)

10. Painted the upright piano I used to have cobalt blue

11. Been paid to be: a secretary, a demonstration model, a waitress, an ice cream truck driver, a taxi dispatcher, a caterer, a guerilla perfume salesperson (on the street, baby), a house cleaner, an IT coordinator, a sandwich maker, a graphic artist, a web designer, a writer, an au pair, and a wedding/funeral/opera singer

12. Eaten a flower that turned out to be a bit toxic... great story.

13. Briefly taken part in something that I later found out was considered a cult (The Forum) but was actually pretty helpful...

14. Never been outside the United States.

15. Gone to New York to meet a bunch of people I only knew from an online bulletin board and fell in love with them all.
As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes. ~ Mel Brooks

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