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1. Swam in 2 oceans, 2 Seas, countless lakes, rivers and pools, a cenote, and performed an ill-advised cannonball in a hot tub.

2. Ate Chinese food in Germany

3. Jogged with a coyote in the mojave

4. Ridden an elephant

5. Moved across the country with no money and/or job to be with someone I love.

6. Eaten something that I've grown

7. Given a homeless man everything I had in my wallet.

8. Quit a job on the spot

9. Stapled my hand because I didn't believe that the staples would actually penetrate my skin......twice

10. Survived and overdose when I was 10.

11. Made an ass of myself in front of about 500 people.

12. Written something I believe to be beautiful

13. Woken up in the desert with sand crust on my eyelids.

14. Dreamt I was dead

15. Somehow never (fully) broken a bone in my body

16. Survived 4 car crashes, 2 motorcycle wrecks, 15 atv accidents, been thrown off of a horse at lease 2 dozen times, and being tossed down 2 flights of stairs.

17. Read Ishmael twice.

18. learned the different types of quarks.

19. Danced to an extended mix of Rock Lobster (that would be a 35 minute long version)

20. screamed as loud as I could.
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