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So far in my life -

1. I have taught myself painting, carpentry, drywall finishing, electrical repair, plumbing repair, and flooring installation (Except carpet).

2. I have fallen in love more times than I can count.

3. I have had my heart broken more times than I can count.

4. I have learned from that.

5. Lived in three states and traveled to around 40.

6. Hitchiked from Tallahasse, Florida to Providence, Rhode Island; from Orlando, Florida to San Antonio, Texas; from Jacksonville, Florida to Morgantown, West Virginia; and from Toronto, Ontario to Tallahassee, Florida via New Yawk City.

7. Photographed many waterfalls and thought that each one was the best I'd seen.

8. Had my gall bladder removed, had surgery to repair a tendon in my finger that I severed with a utility knife (Yes, it was an accident), and had a heart attack.

9. Learned to cook.

10. Meditated on mountaintops, in deep valleys by rushing creeks, in cities, on farms, and in every room of my house.

11. Questioned the existence of a Supreme Being every day and always concluded that yes, there is a Supreme Being.

12. Taken a music theory class in junior high school offered by the band director.

13. Learned that all music is beautiful.

14. Traveled to four foreign countries.

15. Lived in Miami, Florida and never visited the beach!
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