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1. I've captured people with a pencil, pens, pastels, and paintbrushes.

2. I've put something on lined paper that made someone cry.

3. I spent 2 and a half years in Japan resenting I was there.

4. I've spent a combined 3 weeks in London, England and know the next time I go back, it's gonna be a little while before I ever come back home.

5. I've watched someone tear up as I was singing to them, and for all the right reasons.

6. I've had my heart broken by a church.

7. I've lived more of my life more for Jesus than I have for me.

8. I played the role of my favorite actress in my favorite movie (Sally Field's M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias) and made a grown man cry.

9. I spent a year of my life writing haiku in a journal that's hiding in my basement (before there was ever any ZeFrank bb).

10. I've spent nearly 24 years of my life as Queen of the Kissless Mountain - and think I may likely spend the next 24 years continuing the tradition.

11. I predicted my sister's marriage when I first met Trevor (and she hadn't even met him yet), and also predicted my sister was pregnant.

12. I've been rejected by more men than God.

13. I've read the Bible about 5 times, cover to cover, and it never fails to be the most moving thing in my life.

14. _______________________________ (saving this one for when I've finally finished losing the weight)

15. I've paid off all my debts except my car, which I'm well on my way to paying off...then maybe art school in England, a house in Old Towne Bellevue, or my own coffee shop.
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