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Think about it- your friends. Look at them. Did you put out a personals ad to find them? Probably not. Did you tell someone that you knew- "hey, I'm looking for a friend that is a reality TV junkie, likes Thai food and lets their dog sleep in bed. And absolutely has to a Sagitarius."? If you did, you are talented, gifted even. And shallow.
For me, this was just a happy accident. You get thrown together enough as little kids & 24 years later you are letting her perform acupuncture on you to relieve your kidney pain as she reminds you about the time you accidentally knocked over a cup of Hawaiian Punch onto her new clothes she received for her 9th birthday. And you gleefully tell her that the Girl Scout Leader's brat daughter went to jail for a few years. Gotta love the Saggitarius.

It's hard to find someone, period. Personals or not. You've done all the traditional things like join a book club, volunteer w/homeless animals, hang out at cool places like the library & art museum, taken a cooking class, etc? It's a jungle out there. Good luck.

And if you find Jon Lovitz, send him my way, please.

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